Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rediscoveries of Old Paintings

We still have a week before the moving day, but I have been going through things in the studio for 2 weeks. Yesterday my assistant and  I pulled every painting out of the stacks and I rediscovered paintings that I hadn't seen in years. One pile, I discarded. They had not stood the test of time, but others, I was happy to see again. Most of these were painted before I moved to Mexico 13 years ago and the encaustics were made the first years I lived here.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Nothing Stays The Same

As of last Wednesday, my daughter and I realized that we were not going to be able to get in the house we thought we had rented to take meaurements because the owner was on her "second honeymoon" with her ex husband and had the key with her and didn't want the agents to have it.

We persisted in asking for entrance to the house before we had the big moving sale.  We needed to know what to sell and what to keep. The house we are living in is much bigger than was the proposed new house. We were brushed off by the agents and told to relax and not to worry. We had paid the deposit and first months rent - I know, a big mistake, without signing the contract, because there were errors in dates and wording.

To skip all the unpleasantness and nasty texts accusing me of crazy things, we will still be moving June 1, but to another house; a much bigger house. Much of what we sold at the sale we could use.

I had a one day sale of paintings that proved to be successful, but I still have mountains of paintings to pack and move. I have been working in the studio for days and it will be several more days of packing to clear it enough to paint and clean the floor.

It will be worth all the work and stress once we are settled in our new, spacious, light-filled home.
Clearing the Studio

making piles in the living room.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How Did I Get So Much Stuff?

The sale is over. Much of the larger furniture has been sold; many books, linens, plants, many pounds of powdered paint pigments , 3 of the metal topped studio tables and several paintings, some of which I posted below.

As for the powdered pigments, I am beginning to believe that I will never be rid of the thalo blue and green. I was very careful when transferring the powders into smaller containers, they were all in 1 lb bags. I wore gloves and a mask and they still managed to get everywhere as well as under the mask. Everything I touch in the studio now turns my hands blue or green. I hurry to wash my hands, but the blue and green ghosts live on.

I am going through every drawer and shelf, tossing or giving away all unnecessary supplies. It is cleansing and messy!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lightening The Load

The moving sale is Saturday, May 13th. My daughter and I will be moving to a smaller house in a neighborhood closer to town.

There is much to go through. It was too easy to accumulate a lot of stuff and stick it away when living in  big house,

I have slashed prices to less than half of retail on many older paintings that I would like to send off to new homes.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Painting Prices Slashed!

It is time to go through all my paintings before the move and decide which ones can be discounted.
The new house is smaller and there will be a big painting sale, Saturday May 13th from 9 to 3 and many household items as well. Time to let things go! Here are some of the sale paintings. All will be at least 50% off retail and some even more. Come to the sale and choose one or more for your collection. If you don't live near by, I will arrange shipping. Contact me for individual prices.

Kai and Red, Nice, Jazz Festival, pastel on paper

"Almost Home" encaustic on board


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Where to Start?

We have lived in our lovely rental house out in the country side of San Miguel de Allende for 3 years and always breathed a grateful sigh when we walked in the door to a house filled with light, 2 bedrooms suites and 2 separate art studios and a big kitchen. The location and services left much to be desired, but the house was almost reward enough for all the inconveniences. We were seriously considering signing another 3 year lease; then Easter Sunday night, my daughter walked out our front door to get a better cell phone signal (we have no land line) and she was attacked by 2 men, one woman and a couple of dogs. She survived with many bruises and a broken blood vessel in her eye, but our puppy who was with her, suffered deep bites from the attack dogs.

That settled it. We can no longer live in this area. We called the police and our community guard; neither responded.

So now we are on a mission to find our next rental house and are seeing parts of San Miguel we didn't know existed. It has grown more than I had imagined.

99% of friends and people we do not know personally responded with offers of help,and  offers of safe places to stay until we can move. It has been deeply touching. Of course there are always others who blame the victims.

But now I look around and think about packing all our our stuff. Just our 2 studios will take days. I walk in my studio, thinking about where to start and I walk out...

Take a look at what confronts me - and this is just my studio, not my daughter's.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Process of a Mixed Media Painting

I found that many of you like seeing the process of my paintings. Here is one that is part of my Transformations series:
Quick oil sketch

some detail added

more oil painting and scraping

added encaustic medium covering the whole painting, and chan butterflies and back ground

I didn't feel the orange was right and changed the back ground, eyes and butterfly to blue and took out the butterfly in her hair. It is framed with a simple black wood frame.