Thursday, June 18, 2020

I Want to Share My Encaustic Experience

I really miss teaching encaustic workshops. I started teaching over 15 years ago here in San Miguel de Allende, MX.

Staying at home has not been hard for me, since I like the quiet, catching up with all the things that needed action, like painting the kitchen and organizing every painting in the storage stacks. But and it is a big but, I miss connecting with other artists and students who came to my classes. I met wonderful people and many of them became lasting friends.

Monday, I had my first private introduction to encaustic class on Zoom. It was great. We covered a lot, had a demo and answered any and all questions. I continued to suggest options afterward by email.

Please check out the possibility of joining me online , I have had 20 years of encaustic experience and I love to share.
click on the link below for details.

Here are some samples of my encaustic work; all have been sold.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Much More Than Learning A Technique

I have been doing a lot of teaching lately; not only encaustic, but also cold wax and oil, drawing and painting portraits.

In all my classes, I not only teach you a technique, but also composition, seeing shapes, color mixing and more.

Se some recent examples of student work:
This is the result of the first two days of the intro to encaustic

Impressive work after the first 2 days. She made about 5 paintings

Lots of encaustic and tools are available

A lovely charcoal drawing from one of my young students

Another young student is learning to paint portraits in oil. This was a challenging one

A wonderful professional artist add the cold wax and oil technique to her list of tools.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Is It Easy Being Green?

Latest in my color series: GREEN
 I remember Kermit the Frog's problems with being green, but green is the color of the heart chakra. You may remember that I mentioned that I had been a student of the power of color for years, taught color seminars for Ethan Allen stores and wrote a book, "The Power Of Color, available on Kindle.

This one is titled, Listen to "The Love Within" 

Notice my bow to Klimt; gold and many patterns

Lots of carving, hot pen build up and gold leaf.

Green is the master healer. It suggests balance, love and  restoration. It is the color absorbed by the heart center and strongly influences the heart and nerves. The green ray brings a feeling of renewal, new life, freshness and brightness, rather like the awakening of spring.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Do You Love Blue?

The last post I shared, was about the color red and the mostly red encaustic painting I had just finished; now sold.

Here is there blue one. "Starry Night" Encaustic on cradled board.

"Blue is a passive and restful color. Blood pressure can lower and the heartbeat and respiration can slow down. Blue indices a feeling of tranquility, contentment and addiction. It is cooling, refuting and is the color of the throat chakra.

Psychologically, the blue ray quiets the mind and helps us to establish the felling of peace. It can be depressing if ones feeling sad. In that case the energy of red of orange is needed. Blue is the color of truth, peace. poise and serenity.

Azure and sapphire blue indicates truth and inspiration, harmony, calmness, courtesy and happiness, both eternal and spiritual. Dark blue indicates refinement. Pale blue equals simplicity, innocence and candor. Electric blue magnetizes the personality. Indigo sdenotes intuition and spiritual perception. This color steadies or slows the energy and is good for meditation and devotional practises. Aqua caries clarity."

From my book, The Power of Color available as a Kindle download.

"Starry Night" 32" x 40" available, $

Sunday, January 19, 2020

What is Your Favorite Color?

What is your favorite color?

I am inspired to create a new series about the power of color. So far I have completed the red painting, "Tumbling Joy"" and I'm almost finished with a blue one.
Encaustic 32" x 40" Tumbling Joy

 I have been studying color for many years; I used this information in my color seminars when I worked for 3 Ethan Allen stores. It was the most popular seminar I presented  When I introduced his color presentation, I asked participants to write their name tags in their favorite color, but had to stop that practice, when they realized how much their color choices told others about their personalities.

I wrote a book about the power of color. The book  shows you how your color choices influence your health and emotions; how color touches you even if you don’t notice it or understand its force. The specific vibrations of each color triggers your personal energy field. It affects your moods, health and general well being. 60% of a person’s reaction to any situation is said to be based on color.
 Once you know a person's color preferences, you will be able to understand her better. This is available on Kindle.

Here is the process of the blue painting:

Friday, January 3, 2020

New Year, New Classes, Old Paintings

It's a new year. My bronchitis cleared up and I am ready to work and teach.

There have been several art tours of my studio/home/gallery during the holidays,  plus a House and Garden tour. Several people have enjoyed venturing into my special viewing room to discover older painting that I store there. The visitors are welcome to pull out any paintings that they choose. Some of these paintings bring to light work that I have forgotten about. One or two I realized that I want to paint over and others I am delighted to meet again.
lots of older paintings coming back to light


A cold wax and oil painting I started in 2016 and finished in 2018 31' x 40"

 People frequently ask me about the encaustic workshops and when they will be. I try to offer at least one a month, but dates can be changed to fit your schedule if there are at least three people interested in the same dates.
For details and photos:

Here are the dates and information for the next encaustic workshops. Let me know if you would like to sign up or are interested in other dates. 

 Two day private workshop,; $550 $60 material fee
Some artists want the fast track to learning my techniques.
You will work side by side with me in my 
studio, creating your own work with direct input,
demos and suggestions from me.
The curriculum will be designed exactly to 
fit your needs.
deposit of $100 required.

Jan. 20 & 21, 2020
Feb. 10 & 11

March 9 & 10
April 20 & 21

Thursday, December 5, 2019

My Year in Review

It seems to me that the older I get, the faster the years fly by. Here we are in December with the new year of 2020 lurking just around the corner.

Although I seem to be caught up with almost everything but making art, it has been a creative year.

The series, "The Lightness of Being", that may be finished, (I haven't been able to work in the studio for over a month) was a exciting project. I created unique techniques, at least for me. Usually my newest series are slower to sell. I am not sure why, but this series has been received well by viewers and collectors.

In October, I created some works on un-stretched canvas , matted and ready to frame, that I offered as a special sale for the month of November. They are now back to the full price and I will be posting them on my online galleries. Thank you to the collectors that took advantage of the sale.

Click the link below to see the full series of "The Lightness of Being"

I have been teaching both group and private encaustic classes and teaching drawing to one young man and portrait painting in oils to a young woman.  Neither of these students had drawn or painted before. I am pleased to be able to share really seeing to them.

I have the dates and information for the next encaustic workshops. Let me know if you would like to sign up or are interested in other dates.
Jan. 20 & 21, 2020
Feb. 10 & 11

Private workshop:6 hours of individual attention: These are tailored to your needs; anything you want to learn and focus on. I am specializing in private classes, because so much can be accomplished.  You can take a cab ( taxis are inexpensive in San Miguel) or drive. Directions on my website;

One day private workshop; $275 plus $40 materials fee 10 am to 4pm
Two day private workshop,; $550 $60 material fee

Some artists want the fast track to learning my techniques.
You will work side by side with me in my 
studio, creating your own work with direct input,
demos and suggestions from me.
The curriculum will be designed exactly to 
fit your needs.
deposit of $100 required.

Two person One day workshop, $160 plus $25 materials fee​ 10 am to 4pm

THESE GROUP CLASSES ARE INTENDED FOR AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE. If you have 3 or more people interested, I will plan around your schedule.


One Day Workshops: $125 USD plus $25 materials fee 10 am to 4pm

Two Day Workshops: $250 USD plus $40 materials fee 10am to 4 pm

Three Day Intensive: $350 USD plus $60 materials fee. 10 am to 4 pm

A deposit of $100 required at registration. Click PayPal button. The remainder of the fee can be paid the first day of class, in pesos at the exchange rate of the day, or a U.S. check

Day 1 & 2 of the encaustic workshop will cover all the basics, including information about how to make paint, about the commercial paints and their applications, about supports, grounds and techniques: paint application, fusing, glazing, inscribing and mixed media approaches, safety, materials, demos of applying paint, glazing, fusing, How to get that smooth surface! Introducing mixed media, creating lines and texture.. I will emphasize how these techniques can be developed to create a unique encaustic language for each student. I will talk (and demo) how to create glaze layers, as well as some special techniques like inscribing. You will leave with a printout containing all the information you need as well as a list of suppliers.

I give participants a thorough introduction to the encaustic medium method. Artists with backgrounds in almost any medium will find these workshops are an exciting opportunity to expand their visual vocabulary with wax. Some who attend have some familiarity with encaustic, others don't, but want to expand their artistic experience. This mix of artists adds to the learning experience and often inspires all to try new techniques.

In the advanced classes, we focus on surfacing, embedding, transparencies, glazing and hot pen, image transfers, India ink mark making and more. We will explore combining oil and encaustic and dipping. You should have several finished paintings after the workshops.

I will supply all the materials, encaustic paint. brushes, support panels, electric tools, scrapers and propane torches, as well as showing how you can make your own paints and set up your own encaustic studio.

If you want to bring some things to collage you can. Old drawings or prints or photographs can combine with encaustic, but the paper must be porous and not glossy or coated. Encaustic works with almost anything but acrylic or plastics.

Experiment with all the materials and create your own finished encaustic paintings in class.

The workshops are held in my home studio from 10 a.m. to  4p.m. each day. This allows the participants hundreds of examples of my encaustic painting over the last 14 years, including "what not to do!"

Cancellations 2 weeks before workshop will receive a full refund. 1 week before, 30% will be refunded. No deposit refunds after that.