Sunday, March 24, 2019

I Am Not An Encaustic Artist

I have lived in San Miguel de Allende for over 14 years and have and have taught the encaustic technique here for almost that long. My earlier gallery shows were concentrated on encaustic painting, but I am ever seeking to expand my artistic visions and as of late I am incorporating encaustic with other compatible mediums to push the boundaries.

People still introduce me a the encaustic artist and I have been correcting them saying, "I am an artist and use/or have used used most other techniques and often use encaustic." Of course I still teach and am happy to instruct beginners on how to paint in encaustic as well as taking other, more advanced students in an exciting journey using many advanced techniques.

Here are some examples of some of the techniques I have used over the years:
oil and collage in the background

scratch board, album cover


encaustic and shellac

encaustic with taped edges


acrylic mural

casein, done 65 years ago

welded steel, about 50 years ago; I also carved in wood and stone and lost wax cast in bronze 



ink sketch

charcoal pencil

oil and collaged border
cold wax and oil

cold wax and oil

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Nobody said it would be easy

I want my latest series to look spontaneous and free flowing. It is not easy for me to do that. I work for days, sometimes weeks to finish the larger of the Lightness of Being series.

A couple of weeks after a painting is finished, I forget how hard it was for me to accomplish the result I want and start thinking about the next one.

So far I have made about 14 paintings and I have ordered 4 more boards from the carpenter. So if a diptych is two panels and a triptych is three than what is a four panel piece of art called? TETRAPTYCH (I had to look this up. I had wondered for years, but Google gave me the answer)

Here is the beginning stage

A couple of weeks later.