Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I decided to join a challenge on Artists Helping Artists. It is a pod cast that I have been listening to for years. There is some very good advice on online marketing that I sometimes apply.

The challenge is to post a painting everyday for 30 days on a specified blog. Artists from all over the world have joined.

It is a good time to review what paintings I have in stock, decide if they are keepers, paint over those that are not up to my standards and choose one to post each day for the month of January.

I can not make a painting in one day. Even the small ones require time and contemplation, but it doesn't matter for the challenge. After this month is over, I will decide which paintings can be discounted and have a sale.

Here are the ones I have posted so far - day 4:  These all are encaustic.    #30paintingsin30days!

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