Monday, September 17, 2018

An Encaustic and Cold Wax Adventure

This painting has been a long journey through the dissatisfaction with the prettiness of my first idea of a woman holding a scarf that is blowing in the wind. In my mind I saw the ethereal possibilities of the encaustic painting. The original background pleased me and from then on it was a struggle. I finally gave up and decided to destroy my figurative encaustic painting by painting over it with oil and cold wax medium. I almost gave up, but kept working. The end result has a wonderful, textured surface, Follow the sometimes agonizing process; It took over a month.

Encaustic under painting

laying in the figure in encaustic

I took out her knee and began refining the hand

I thought the veil might make it right. It didn't

I gave up and started mark making over it

layering on the cold wax and oil

Can you believe this is all the same painting

What happened?

More layers and a change of palette 

more and more layers

I decided to soften all the hard edge geometric pattern by painting a realistic flower in a circle

I softened the flower with two layers of clear cold wax medium and brought some balance in the composition.

It is finished.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Abstract or Figurative?

I am working in the Vandiver Gallery 5 days a week where I meet new art lovers. Many are Spanish speaking. I do live in Mexico, and it is my responsibility to speak their language.

Many of the visitors also speak English and they kindly ask me where I am from. My accent gives me away. I do go to a private Spanish conversation class once a week, but I still need a lot more practice. I have heard that leaning, or attempting to learn a new language prevents the onslaught of Alzheimer's disease. Let's hope!

Just when I think I have figured out what my collectors want, I am surprised.  I had been convinced that abstracts sold better than figurative, but my figurative paintings are getting more attention. I have 6 more weeks in the gallery. It will be interesting to see if this enthusiasm continues.

My classes are getting more interest, especially when I explain the encaustic process and cold wax medium. I look forward to teaching more workshops.

The images bellow are cold wax medium on canvas paper. I am switching to cradled boards now and I will post more when they are finished.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Painting With Cold Wax and Oil.SOLD

The finished painting

The second day

            The painting pictured above was sold before the paint was completely dry. 

My work is in the Vandiver Gallery in the popular La Aurora that is the largest concentration of contemporary art galleries and design studios in San Miguel de Allende. It is housed in the trendy Fábrica La Aurora, a remodeled raw-cotton factory on the north end of town. And I am painting there everyday for the next two months. It is a good thing that I can work and talk at the same time.

I am paintings on small pieces of gessoed canvas, that I put in a white mat when finished. I also am working on abstract pieces. I'll photograph them and share later.

I am there Wednesday through Sunday. Since the Internet connection in the  Gallery is next to impossible, I have been working on small cold wax and oil paintings. There ventilation is not appropriate to use encaustic. When a painting sells, we have to leave the gallery and go to the coffee shop so I can access PayPal.

Along with wpainting everyday, I am getting to practice Spanish with the gallery visitors. I need to perfect the Spanish explanations of the technical aspects for painting with wax. 

I realized that many of the Mexican visitors to the gallery speak English better than I speak Spanish.

I am looking forward to teaching more workshops in cold wax, and of course encaustic. Even though, at this time. I don't have much time to work on social media , I did get my workshop blog updated:  

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