Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 encaustic paintings sold

I sold 10 paintings from my home/gallery/studio in the last month.
8 were sold at the open house - with the magnificent help of my friends. All three of the galleries that showed my work didn't sell that much in a year. What does that tell me?

Monday, October 29, 2012

encaustic home gallery

The power group and me

Lupita helping set up before the crowd arrived

in the studio

Closing a deal

The studio was a popular place

Art everywhere

Happy with her purchase

lots of material for browsing
Yesterday's open house was a great success. I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends; there were suggestions right from the start of the planning,  2 of them passed out invitations at the House and Garden tour in the morning, they moved the food and drink from the terrace into the apartment - to keep people of lingering up there and forgetting the art downstairs; They greeted guests, made sales, urged people to sign up for workshops, and supported me every step of the way. It took moving to Mexico to develop friendships with women like this. I am blessed.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

announcement in the paper

Gallery opening at the studio of Ezshwan Winding

By Victoria Pierce
Forty years ago, Ezshwan Winding began exhibiting her paintings in Chicago, Illinois. Her work was widely praised, resulting in exhibitions in US galleries and later expanding to Spain, France and Italy. Her art is in permanent collections of museums and universities.
Gallery Opening at the studio of Ezshwan Winding
Sun, Oct 28, 1-4pm
Studio of Ezshwan Winding
Fray Pedro de Gante 33
Colonia Independencia
Phone 121 0440

After almost 50 years of working in oil, acrylic and welded steel Ezshwan fell in love with the painting medium of encaustic. The technique of molten beeswax, tree resin and pure pigment has captured her passion for the past 13 years.
Eight years ago Ezshwan moved to San Miguel de Allende. The move to Mexico has resulted in several successful one-woman gallery shows in San Miguel, Pozos and Puerto Vallarta. Countless new series have emerged in her adopted homeland, from the faces of indigenous women she encounters, to the magical Mexican Masks.
Ezshwan’s classical training allows her to move from figurative to abstract and back with ease. Ezshwan said, “I love the physical demands of working with hot wax and resin, and am continually challenged by the expanding possibilities. After careful calculation, I realized I have spent 17,000 hours just making encaustic art. By now, I feel I can answer all my students’ technical questions, and I still want to continue experimenting with this technique.”
Ezshwan is a well-respected teacher of encaustics. In the past several years she has taught over 70 workshops in the encaustic technique. Beginners, advanced students, artists and non-artists are welcome to experiment with the medium in her monthly workshops offered in her home studio.
Cynthia Hamilton, Ezshwan’s daughter, will also be displaying her own encaustic paintings during the open house. Cynthia studied art in Florence, Italy, where she learned old masters’ secrets of working with wax. She currently lives and works in San Francisco.
When I spoke with Cynthia she stated, “The medium of encaustic allows me to fuse and unify bee culture with personal stories. Through my art I recognize the significant connection we have with the bees and our traditions.”
Cynthia is very clearly on a path to developing her own personal language and style.
These two artists use the encaustic medium very differently, allowing the viewer to experience the alchemy that lends itself to a dynamic relationship between the artist creator and her medium.
Ezshwan enjoys working at home in her light-filled apartment in colonia Independencia and now is inviting the public to view her home gallery, visit an encaustic studio and enjoy a discount on all the artwork.
For directions and a map please email Ezshwan at For a preview of the work for sale please go to her website at

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

encasutic on paper

Years ago, I traveled with my late husband, Kai Winding, to jazz festivals, recording sessions and jazz clubs. It was an exciting life, filled with wonderful memories.  I always had my sketch book and made many of the sketches into oil paintings. For 12 years, I only painted jazz musicians.

This is an old painting, "Miles' Eyes" circa 1987

A very old photo, of me, 1979, Nice France festival - with my sketch book.
I decided after more than 20 years of painting other subjects to revisit the jazz theme again and I am making small encaustic paintings on paper - jazz musicians once again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More surprises

As the tour of this place was finishing up, we walked out of the amphitheater inside of the mountain, to discover an entire recreated street of old Guanajuato three stories below the first floor. The owner of the house, I still stumble over that word, but can't find a better one, built this street in honor of his father who was governor of Guanajuato in the 60's. There are fully stocked shops, another bar and a huge kitchen. We were invited into the bar where there were tables set up with fabulous cheeses, meats, a variety of breads, and beautiful fresh fruits, along with wine, water or soft drinks.

I enjoyed the repast, not understanding that a huge banquet was still to be served out on the "street."

gambling - still inside the train

stage with natural stone striations

amphitheater leading out to the "street"

a part of the reconstructed whole block of old Guanajuato

bar and restaurant on the "street"

one of the meat and cheese trays

more fabulous food
John by the pool with one of his sculptures

Another pool sculpture

The owner, showing us an antique shoe that was used for removing corn from the husk

Sign on the street with the years that the father was governor of the Guanajuato
There was so much to see, and take in. The energy of everything stayed with me and woke me in the middle of the night, still amazed.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Emerging from the inside of the moutain

2 Pullman coaches that belonged to ex-president of Mexico, Porfinio Diaz
kitchen corner on the train
 We stepped out of the cold, damp tunnels onto a platform that housed 2 Pullman coaches that belonged to the notorious ex-president of Mexico, Porfiro Di├íz. I could imagine some big partying happening in this train.

I will continue with this adventure tomorrow.
The president needed a phone

and a bar

large table for entertaining his guests
Portrait of the president

this is in the second car

a so-called mail train. Behind the mail boxes was anther bar

For those cold, drafty nights on board

the ladies salon