Friday, November 22, 2019

Sell Art Online?

The other day a neighbor stopped in and saw some of my new sale paintings. She said,"These are beautiful. People have to see them." Why don't you take them to the park on Sundays?

I don't remember saying anything to her, but I am sure my expression was of incredibility. I stopped dragging my paintings to open air, un-juried art venues about 50 years ago.

 I sell from my personal home gallery and brick and mortar galleries.and online galleries. I can't remember how many solo and group shows that I participated in, and I will continue to do that, but times are different now. Millions of paintings are sold online. A report from 2017 said that an estimated $5.4 billion in art and antiques were sold online.

I also sell from FaceBook and Instagram, Saatchi Art and Turning Art. Two other online galleries have asked me to join them and I will be working on adding images for them soon

This take time and effort but I am a professional artist and selling is my business. I owned a large art gallery in Scottsdale AZ where we represented many artists. This was years ago before internet selling was important. I found that most of our artists didn't;t want to bother with all the details of The Business of Art. They seemed to think that being an artist was enough. I reminded them that no-one was going to slip a check under their studio door, without a lot of effort .

I created a non-profit business to teach them art marketing, but very few of the artists showed up for the meetings. I taught the same thing at the University of Southern Oregon, and the few artists who listened and acted, prospered.
I believe it is easier now that so much can be done sitting at our computer. Yes, it takes time, but doesn't anything worthwhile take time?  I have been asked to teach art marketing again. I hesitate because there is much available information online covering this and anyone truly interested will take advantage of this kind of selling.

Below are some of the recently sold paintings,

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Free International Shipping!

Free shipping! This is the first time I have offered that. Perhaps it will be the last time, but I want to make this sale offer something special and affordable to own or gift one of my original paintings.
The last painting that I shipped from Mexico to California arrived in ONE DAY!

Thank you to all the collectors who have chosen to claim one of these special paintings for themselves.

It is not too late to buy one or more of these unique, original paintings. The offer is good until the end of November.

Here are some of the available works. They are all matted 16"x 20", in a plastic sleeve, and ready to frame.

The figurative ones are a bit higher in price. It took many days to complete them.
I accept credit cards via PayPal.

Encaustic and mixed media on paper. Matted size 16" x 20" $250, Next month they go back to the original price of $450 dollars. 50% off this month plus free shipping. Who on your Christmas list would love an original painting at this great price?

Matted size, 16" 20".Next month they go back to the original price of $450 dollars. 50% off this month plus free shipping. Who on your Christmas list would love an original painting at this great price?

$250 includes the shipping. Next month they go back to the original price of $450 dollars. 50% off this month plus free shipping. 

encaustic on paper, matted and ready to frame, $175 Sale price

cold wax and oil on paper, $175 sale price

encaustic on paper $175, sale price

Friday, November 1, 2019

Pre-Christmas Painting Sale

The framed original painting
This is how this painting would look in a simple black frame

From My Studio to Your Wall

Who on your Christmas list will receive a very special gift?

I have been working on smaller paintings that fit into a 16" x 20" white mat with backing, in a plastic sleeve. They are easy to ship and slip into a ready-made standard frame. I want to include free international shipping, just for the month of November and the first week of December. You can choose your own frame when you receive the painting.

I thought I could make a painting a day, but that hasn't worked out because I stared adding layers of encaustic, stenciling and transversals; using the techniques I developed for my latest abstract series. Many days of work went into each of these paintings. 

I still want to offer a temporary discount of 30% and I will pay for shipping. The original price is $295 on the portraits, minus 30% = $206, and I will pay the $50 shipping to the United States. If you live in an other part f the world, I will have to refigure shipping cost.

These are the 6 available paintings; matted and ready to frame.