Friday, June 20, 2014

The studio is ready for students

We are still unpacking and organizing, but after several days of work placing and replacing tables, storage boxes and hot palettes, the studio is ready for students. There is plenty of light and room for 8 people.
The before photo

Stacks were placed and bolted into the wall
Everything in place, including the anti-fatigue mats
opposite side with a demo table

I can easily find what ever is needed

Light, air and a view

Everything is ready. Students sign up!

Monday, June 16, 2014

A week of moving

It is a week today that our move began. Well, actually, there was a whole day before that that was just moving paintings.

All the paintings are in the stacks. There is a bit more arranging in the studio and it will be ready for students and new creations from me.

Yesterday we sent a good part of the day unpacking kitchen stuff. We certainly have a well stocked kitchen, combining 2 households of dishes and cooking utensils. We do have many duplicates and are planning a sale of a lot of stuff.

I bought in many pots of herbs that were getting burned outside and now we have an indoor herb garden.

My nasty cold has left me and I feel like myself again.

When the art is in place, it will really feel like home. I will start hanging paintings soon, now that the furniture has been placed. I will need my drill, the cement walls will not accept a hammered nail.

next step, getting covers for the storage areas
just some of the kitchen herbs

2 refrigerators

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Now the fun begins

My daughter Cynthia and I  combined 2 homes, work spaces, and in the last 4 days there have been many trucks loads of stuff coming in. I still have somethings to do at the old apartment, but today, I am looking forward to finding things and at least get my bedroom arranged.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gallery in the new house

We have been moving since Thursday; mostly paintings. Two wonderful friends, Connie and Ernesto,  spent most of Thursday lugging paintings out of the studio, down the stairs and into trucks. I don't want to count how many paintings were transported. I do know that I saw paintings from years ago that were tucked away in the stacks and I hadn't seen in a long time. Some still pleased me and some others will be painted over. Once settled, I want to have a sale  of some the older paintings.

This photo show the room that will be the designated gallery space. Friday the track lights were installed.

The movers come tomorrow to clear out both my apartment and my daughter Cynthia's as we are joining forces and will become roommates. The house is big enough that we each have our separate work spaces. My gallery already has the first floor coverings down. As soon as I get the stacks installed, I can get the paintings off the floor.

I hope I never have to move again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The packing up our homes and getting all the details settled is taking time. Moving is always a big job.

To take the tedium out the packing I hold the vision of my new studio in my mind - as well as all the open spaces for living and art our new home.

Here is a shot of what will be the studio.
lots of light and air. There is a full bath attached.