Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Owning A Piece of An Artist's Soul

Having the privilege of owning original art is a big part of my life. My daughter, Cynthia Hamilton and I are painters and our home is filled with our work; mostly mine in kitchen, living room and gallery. Hers are in her studio and in a gallery. We have scattered through out the house our collection of other artists' work. These works are dear to our hearts and move with us wherever we go.

Original art is the only art form where a piece of the artist's soul comes with it. Music is usually recorded and even though we can hear it over and over,  it is still removed from the creator.   We can own beautiful first edition books, but again, the DNA of the author does not accompany it. Photography can be breath taking, but still not intimately connected to the artist's touch.

So here is a part of our art collection; mostly owned by Cynthia and  purchased by her. She was an art  dealer in San Francisco for 18 years:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

63 Years between My First and Latest Abstracts

I painted my first abstract painting when I was in art school. I think it was 1953. I learned much from this little Braque inspired painting ; using negative space to create form, the push and pull of shapes and color.

 The dean of the freshman art department reprimanded me when he saw it hung along  side of my classmates work, telling me that I shouldn't be making that kind of art until I was a senior.  I was a freshman.  My teacher, encouraged and pushed me to create this, but  told me I probably would not get a good grade because I was doing something different than the rest of the class.( I was used to getting A's on everything I did.)  I received a B- on this one. In spite of the criticism, this little painting was chosen as one of the best coming out the design course for the year end final student school. It is one I keep as a reminder to not take criticism too seriously. 

casein on illustration board, 1953

63 years later: encaustic, ink, gold leaf and rice paper in paper. Matted and ready to frame, Mat size 20" x 14" $185 US

ink, watercolor, encaustic, charcoal on patter. 14" x 10 "mat 20" x 16" $185 US

Friday, October 14, 2016

How to Make Your Home Look Like An Art Gallery

Even when I lived in small apartments, I have always hung art everywhere. Kitchens and bathrooms need fine art also. If course there needs to be some precautions taken about the heat and humidity, but common sense will guide you.
My bathroom. The paintings are encaustic and oil, or encasutic AND oil. No problems with the moisture or heat  

Make the art part of the surroundings. Consider the whole area as part of the composition

The painting becomes part of the whole setting    

Here are 3 videos of the art filled living room, hall and kitchen

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3 Galleries filled with Art

Last week's opening reception of encaustic paintings and beautiful, one of a kind up-cycled pillows was a success even though the day was grey, wet and unusual for central Mexico.

We met new and old friends and made some excellent connections.

Champagne and pop corn were the refreshments and were well received.

The installation, driving back and forth, writing the article and designing the invitations and ad for the paper come naturally to me after many years of owning galleries.

sale room
entrances to 2 galleries

Serving champagne

pillows and encasutic paintings

pillow  room

My paintings

Cynthia Hamilton's installation

before the installation

We will start dismantling the exhibits Sunday, especially the pillows , so they can come back to the San Miguel  shoppers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Everything Is For Sale

I am often asked if I have a hard time parting with my work No. I am delighted when a collector chooses one or more of my paintings.

I ,along with my daughter Cynthia, have put in a lot of time and travel getting ready for this Sunday's art reception at the latest gallery in a beautiful new hotel about an hour from San Miguel de Allende.

I have had several favorite paintings in my private collection for a few years and now I am ready to publicly show them again and I am adding them to this Sunday's encaustic show. If you are in the area, please stop by to see Cynthia's and my paintings and a collection of one of a kind, up cycled pillows. There will be something for everyone.
The New Car

detail of The New Car

reception room of Hotel La Villa de Pozos


The Street Musician

With Arms Wide Open