Saturday, April 22, 2017

Where to Start?

We have lived in our lovely rental house out in the country side of San Miguel de Allende for 3 years and always breathed a grateful sigh when we walked in the door to a house filled with light, 2 bedrooms suites and 2 separate art studios and a big kitchen. The location and services left much to be desired, but the house was almost reward enough for all the inconveniences. We were seriously considering signing another 3 year lease; then Easter Sunday night, my daughter walked out our front door to get a better cell phone signal (we have no land line) and she was attacked by 2 men, one woman and a couple of dogs. She survived with many bruises and a broken blood vessel in her eye, but our puppy who was with her, suffered deep bites from the attack dogs.

That settled it. We can no longer live in this area. We called the police and our community guard; neither responded.

So now we are on a mission to find our next rental house and are seeing parts of San Miguel we didn't know existed. It has grown more than I had imagined.

99% of friends and people we do not know personally responded with offers of help,and  offers of safe places to stay until we can move. It has been deeply touching. Of course there are always others who blame the victims.

But now I look around and think about packing all our our stuff. Just our 2 studios will take days. I walk in my studio, thinking about where to start and I walk out...

Take a look at what confronts me - and this is just my studio, not my daughter's.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Process of a Mixed Media Painting

I found that many of you like seeing the process of my paintings. Here is one that is part of my Transformations series:
Quick oil sketch

some detail added

more oil painting and scraping

added encaustic medium covering the whole painting, and chan butterflies and back ground

I didn't feel the orange was right and changed the back ground, eyes and butterfly to blue and took out the butterfly in her hair. It is framed with a simple black wood frame.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Encasutic vs Cold Wax

I have been enjoying working in cold wax and oil and found that I it  allows me to feel free and more spontaneous. I am not sure why that is, but perhaps being able to work upright through the whole process in cold wax gets me into a rhythm, rather than having to work flat most of the time with encaustic.  I do put the encaustic paintings on the easel for better viewing, but most of the time I fuse when the painting is on a table.

Of course the end results of the surfaces of the two techniques are different. The finish of an encaustic painting is sensuous and I can't resist stroking it.  I just finished an encaustic diptych after working for weeks with cold wax and oil and found that by using the same unrestricted primary under painting with the hot wax, I felt unconfined and that the pulse of painting moved like a dance.

I start a cold wax painting with wide sweeps of acrylic paint. With the latest encaustic work I started with wide brushes and oil washes.
Beginning of a cold wax painting; acrylic under painting

finished cold wax painting - not the same one as the beginning shot above,

Under painting in oil

encaustic and charcoal

finished diptych