Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have managed to make several new paintings between the workshops and the clearing out of my work from the studio. I realized that I was getting crabby and needed to get back to work. My cat was becoming as disturbed as I during the disorder.

These paintings have been in the works for several weeks and I may have finished them. I think it might be an interesting beginning of new series, that I am naming Joy and Freedom.
It took three days to empty my studio and gallery room so a fresh coat of paint could be applied and the wax dripping scraped off the floor. I am getting ready for a group encaustic show March 14. I've invited as many "graduates" from my encaustic workshops as possible to participate in the first all encaustic show in San Miguel.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Advanced encaustic workshop

Thursday and Friday were the advanced technique classes. Hugs and kisses closed the class. More friendships are blooming.The comments warmed my heart and convince me to keep offering these workshops. "This is so much fun!"; If you told me a week ago that I could do this, I wouldn't believe it" I hate to have this class over. I have learned so much."; When are you giving another workshop?" "Sign me up!"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb. introductory workshop

Monday and Tuesday, I had the pleasure of introducing encaustic to four artists. It was fun for all of us. I love to share all my experiences with this technique and I make new friends. I encourage the participants to bring their portfolios to share their work with us.

I had been saying that I've worked in encaustic for 10 years and then the other day, I noticed dates on some of my older pieces and it has been 12 years! And I still have new things to try.

Everyone but Curt is coming back to the studio tomorrow for the advanced techniques. Curt is leaving town, but will take the advanced class when he comes back to San Miguel next year.