Saturday, July 30, 2011

I left the studio for a few hours this morning to volunteer at an art and craft fair to help my friend Lena Bartula sell the beautiful Mariposas products.  Lena is a professional artist. She started this work, putting aside her brushes to devote more time to helping women in the country. Note my butterfly wings.

Mariposas San Miguel...."Butterflies symbolize change and transformation, universal metaphor for breaking the cycle. These colorful product are handmade by indigenous women from villages around San Miguel de Allende, providing them with better living conditions, education and support for themselves and their families. The butterfly was chosen to honor the Mirabal Sisters, code name 'Mariposas' whose assassination in 1960 led to the movement observed today as International Day to End Violence Against Women. Your purchase helps these artesanas, and in fact, helps each one of us as we stand together for non-violence."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting it right

 This painting that I thought was finished, was hanging not far from my computer and I looked at it day and night. It just wasn't right. I felt the whole right side was a big boring square and during all the re-working the perspective changed.

I studied a real peeling wall here in San Miguel and used that as a model for the last change.

Previously, I would have just painted over it, but there was something about this painting that kept me coming back.
What are your thoughts?

the peeling wall , and some color changes- I think it is a lot better.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

new encaustic paintings

"Coming Together" 24" x 24"
Power and Movement, 23 1/2" x 24"

 I finished these paintings before I went to Ashland, but I didn't have time to photograph them.
I need help with the titles. Suggestions are welcome

Friday, July 15, 2011

Back in San Miguel

Ahanu and me

Ahanu, Renee and me
 I got home late last night from a wonderful visit with my family in Ashland OR. It is always a heart warming experience.  I got to see two of my three  handsome grandsons but only got a photograph of the youngest one, Ahanu. Although the boys (young men) are busy, I did get to spend some quality time with them.

Unfortunately, the second day I was there I came down with a nasty head cold that I am sure that I picked up on the plane to the U.S. The poor man seated next to me "shared" his germs through his sneezes and runny nose.

I couldn't have been in a better place, if I had to get sick, because I was in a loving environment and treated by my  daughter, Renee and her husband, Makaala. They both are healers. I had tinctures and essences to move the symptoms rapidly through me. I did sympathize with the people who had to sit next to me on the planes and bus coming home yesterday. My cough persistent cough was annoying.
A bit of the beauty of Ashland OR.

A healing walk in the woods

A bubbling stream

This looks mystical to me

Hmm. A stairway to a tree?

Daisys are a favorite flower of mine. Such simple, strong beauty.

The welcome at the door.

Dew drops on a spider web. This may be an inspiration for a painting.

Renee and Makaala

Renee and me

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Peace Now"

The international juried show, Peace Now, opened in Mineral de Pozos, yesterday. Two of my paintings, the Buddha and the Dove are part of that show and the rest of the paintings are in a separate room of just my work.

I took these shots with my iPod, so they are grainy, but at least they are visual notes from this lovely gallery.