Friday, March 18, 2011

A whole day in the studio

All week I was looking forward to spending a whole day in the studio.  I cleaned and rearranged it after last week's workshops.I was excited about preparing the boards with milk paint, a great substitute for encaustic gesso and easier that gluing white paper on large boards. I like it better than the gesso and lots better than plaster. I got into the studio early - my cat woke me at 4:30, so after my yoga, meditation and breakfast, I was ready to create a masterpiece. It didn't happen. I wiped out the oil painting I had made on the milk pain surface and set it aside.  I had been looking at the attached painting for a couple of weeks and decided to rework it. Many layers later I am happier with it. Can you even tell the difference?


  1. Hi Eschwan,

    Sometimes I have those days too. The masterpiece that is supposed to happen TODAY..and doesn't. I think the painting on the top is lighter and not so deep in texture. The bottom has much richer could be the digital image though. It doesn't matter, your work will be spectacular when finished I am sure!

  2. I think you are correct about the digital image. The actual finished painting is not that light, it is difficult for me to photograph encaustic.


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