Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend in Michoacán

I had a three day vacation in another state in Mexico, Michoacán. It is very different than Guanajato were I live. Michoacán is called the soul of Mexico and is very green. 
Once a year there is a huge artisan market in the city of Urapan where the state judges the crafts that are made by artisans from all parts of Michoacán, buys the products of the prize winners and then sell them in state run stores and museums. This encourages and supports the best artisans, and cooks, to create and compete. Can you image any state in the U.S. doing this?

Before the stalls are opened, there is a big parade where representatives from all the participating cites march and dance, wearing their unique, colorful clothing and carrying  their wares.

I didn't think I could use anything else in my house, but I couldn't resist bringing home some special treasures.

getting ready for Palm Sunday

all hand embroidered

note the ribbons in the hair

carving while in the parade

straw market

I love these black pots, but didn't buy one

We took a cooling break in the park

 Some of the treasures that I couldn't resist.


  1. Oh such gorgeous photographs, Ezshwan! Glad you got away for a few days and had a lovely time. Hoping I'll be able to go next year. House still NOT finished! Donna

  2. Is the studio finished? That is important.


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