Friday, September 2, 2011

The many lives of this encaustic painting

I  decided to  photograph the progress of this painting and it turned out to be a valuable experience.

I usually apply the hot encaustic paint while the painting is flat on the table and fuse it with the torch.  When I put it on an easel,  I get a whole other view of it.

At the end of each painting session, when I think the painting might be finished. I hang the work on a wall in a sun flooded hall that I can see from my desk and the living room.

Each day, as time passed into evening, I felt uncomfortable about the painting. I could then review the work of the previous days in the saved photos and see where I had made improvements or really messed up.

I had gotten to the point where I posted the painting with the medallion on my fan page and website, but still felt an uneasiness about it.

Wednesday and Thursday a few artists visited me in the studio and I asked there opinion about this painting. All three of them went right to the weak spot. I had added a textured small circle to the middle of it and it just wasn't working. Today, I got rid of that spot and enhanced some of the color.

What do you think?

Out damned spot!
This was about the third or fourth day

2nd day
End of the first day. Hardly the same painting