Saturday, November 19, 2011

review of coming show


A Dialogue of Two Artists
Ezshwan Winding and Paola Uribe Gaudry at Galeria 6
By nick Hamblen
 There are those wonderful moments in life when things just fall together, perfectly, leaving no doubt that all is well, and as it should be, in the Universe. Such has been the case in the pairing and exhibition of the works of Ezshwan Winding and Paola Uribe Gaudry which opens tomorrow at Galeria 6 in Mineral de Pozos.
   Though these two artist have never met, and will indeed not do so until the opening tomorrow, I believe you will as was I, be amazed at the synchronicity and dialog that sizzles between their respective styles.
   Winding, well known to San Miguel as the local maestra of encaustic painting and in her third show at Galeria 6, has produced a body of entirely new work that will amaze even her die hard fans and collectors for it’s depth, intensity and execution. In a career spanning over sixty years this award-winning artist has devoted the last thirteen years to the mastery of the encaustic technique.
  Says Winding “ My process is much like analyzing a dream. Layer after layer is applied, scraped, incised, fused and marked to allow the truth of the piece to speak. The revealed layers whisper their subtle messages.” We could not agree more.
   In her first appearance at Galeria 6, Paola Uribe Gaudry is showing a group of dreamy landscapes that she calls “Horizons” executed primarily in ink and resin. These ethereal paintings invite the viewer into a place that the Gaudry describes as “where memory, imagination and feeling meet on the horizon.”
   In her twenty year career as a painter and art educator Gaudry has successfully explored many intriguing themes. In these superb landscapes she challenges us to stop for a moment to contemplate the beauty of the fleeting and increasingly ephemeral moment.
   There is here in the bodies of work by these two artists, an integrity that will not be lost on true lovers of fine art.
"If These Walls Could Talk"