Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday in San Miguel de Allende

While the north east part of the United States is being challenged by severe winter storms today, I especially appreciate living in San Miguel, not only for the beautiful weather, but the sense of community and the many activities available.

Breakfast at the Saturday organic market. The best in town, fresh, organic Mexican specialties.

I bought 3 kinds of cheeses after quizzing Pedro about the treatment of the cows, goats and sheep.He carefully explained how happy and free they are.

Then on to the artisan market. Because of the Writers' Conference, there are crowds of people in town.

Paper mache animals. They are very popular here.

local honey

A friend attending the Mariposa booth. Products are made by local women and the sales help them better their lives.

An adorable face

Hand beaded necklaces
Too many choices

Then on to the park to experience the beauty of the hundreds of flowers and plants. Every year, venders come from all over Mexico to display and sell. February is Spring and planting time.

Not only humans play in the park