Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Earth Icon, oil and encasutic

In the center panel, we see the essence of the spirit of the earth who is a woman, fruitful, peaceful and waiting patiently. Behind her are rolling hills capable of producing valued crops.

On the right panel stands the angel of observance, waiting to see what we humans are doing to our mother earth.

The left panel holds the angel of hope, holding the dove of peace. Will we accept it?

Give Them Hearts to Understand

 The back of this icon express the disregard we have paid to our earthly gifts. If one looks closely, an atomic explosion can be seen as well as an erupting volcano. Scattered in the collage are three generations of women holding  hope for our future. Around the curved top of the icon, I have carved a native American prayer, "Give them hearts to understand to never take more from creations' beauty more than they can give back..."
The bottom hold stamping of Tibetan prayers. I made this icon 10 years ago and it seems even more pertinent now.