Monday, June 16, 2014

A week of moving

It is a week today that our move began. Well, actually, there was a whole day before that that was just moving paintings.

All the paintings are in the stacks. There is a bit more arranging in the studio and it will be ready for students and new creations from me.

Yesterday we sent a good part of the day unpacking kitchen stuff. We certainly have a well stocked kitchen, combining 2 households of dishes and cooking utensils. We do have many duplicates and are planning a sale of a lot of stuff.

I bought in many pots of herbs that were getting burned outside and now we have an indoor herb garden.

My nasty cold has left me and I feel like myself again.

When the art is in place, it will really feel like home. I will start hanging paintings soon, now that the furniture has been placed. I will need my drill, the cement walls will not accept a hammered nail.

next step, getting covers for the storage areas
just some of the kitchen herbs

2 refrigerators