Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mexico City Adventure

For a complete change of pace, my daughter  Cynthia and I went to my favorite city ; Mexico City, for 3 days. We needed a break for our routine and certainly were inspired by the art and the food and the sophistication of the people in Colonia Roma where we stayed.

I have been getting tired of encaustic. To me, it has the flavor of cult-like devotion and many paintings that I see posted on Face Book on the encaustic sites, are from "new" artists who are in love with the  surface technique, and have no interest or ability to create a painting with a reason for being, including composition or the fundamentals of painting.

We went to 3 museums, but the one that inspired and excited us was the Museo Tamayo. The show was perfectly curated. There was also the 19th biennial show that featured young artists. I was thrilled that there were many beautiful executed, technically beautiful figurative paintings.

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Not everything was figurative