Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Working on 4 painting at time

I am struggling to keep the paintings loose. I have over-worked them too many times, so
I'm moving back and forth, telling myself to STOP.  Sometimes I don't listen, and then I have to start all over again. I certainly am not making a painting a day. I am lucky to finish one in a week.

The one on the floor has had many changes and hopefully it will be finished in another day.

Why am I painting women painters?  Primarily, I am a woman painter and have been working at my art for 60 years. I have seen the prejudice from museums and galleries against women. I was told 30 years ago, in Scottsdale AZ, by a gallery assistant, that it would be very difficult to get my work into a gallery. My name Ezshwan is a good tool. People do not know if I am a woman or a man. 3 galleries in Arizona carried my work when I lived there.

Years ago a painting was juried into a museum show. When I walked into the space, I was greeted with, "You're not a man! We thought you were a man; you are a small woman"

In art school, I was told that I painted like a man. That was supposed to be a compliment....
back and forth between these paintings