Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Mural from the early 90"s

I have always enjoyed working big and there is nothing like the challenge of a wall mural. This one was for a client of Cynthia's in Chicago. I was living in Phoenix, AZ. at the time, so I flew in and did all the figurative painting on this mural that wrapped around 3 walls in a private home. Cynthia Hamilton, (my daughter) did all the background. We were a good team since our schedules were so different. I arrived at her huge loft early in the morning, quit about 5 pm and she arrived late and worked most of the night. Cynthia and a friend installed the finished mural in the home after gold leafing the ceiling.

I sketched it out in charcoal and then painted with acrylic

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finished portion of the mural