Friday, October 23, 2015

encaustic figures and faces

Here I used oil glazes over several layers of encasutic; added transfers, that I muted with the torch and scraped into the painting for the highlights.
I have received some questions about painting figuratively in encaustic. I am not an encasutic artist. I am an artist using what every medium that I think will provide the solution to the artistic challenges I give myself.
I have worked in encaustic for 15 years, and oil, 60 years. Below are some examples of how I work in figuratively in encaustic.

This is one of the first figurative encaustic paintings I did about 9 years ago.

This was for a solo show of Mexican women. Note, I strive to use the hot, liquid encasutic paint to drip and layer. I did plenty of scraping in the background

This is still one of my favorites. I painted over another encaustic painting. I love the texture that added.