Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Encasutic vs Cold Wax

I have been enjoying working in cold wax and oil and found that I it  allows me to feel free and more spontaneous. I am not sure why that is, but perhaps being able to work upright through the whole process in cold wax gets me into a rhythm, rather than having to work flat most of the time with encaustic.  I do put the encaustic paintings on the easel for better viewing, but most of the time I fuse when the painting is on a table.

Of course the end results of the surfaces of the two techniques are different. The finish of an encaustic painting is sensuous and I can't resist stroking it.  I just finished an encaustic diptych after working for weeks with cold wax and oil and found that by using the same unrestricted primary under painting with the hot wax, I felt unconfined and that the pulse of painting moved like a dance.

I start a cold wax painting with wide sweeps of acrylic paint. With the latest encaustic work I started with wide brushes and oil washes.
Beginning of a cold wax painting; acrylic under painting

finished cold wax painting - not the same one as the beginning shot above,

Under painting in oil

encaustic and charcoal

finished diptych

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