Monday, May 22, 2017

Nothing Stays The Same

As of last Wednesday, my daughter and I realized that we were not going to be able to get in the house we thought we had rented to take meaurements because the owner was on her "second honeymoon" with her ex husband and had the key with her and didn't want the agents to have it.

We persisted in asking for entrance to the house before we had the big moving sale.  We needed to know what to sell and what to keep. The house we are living in is much bigger than was the proposed new house. We were brushed off by the agents and told to relax and not to worry. We had paid the deposit and first months rent - I know, a big mistake, without signing the contract, because there were errors in dates and wording.

To skip all the unpleasantness and nasty texts accusing me of crazy things, we will still be moving June 1, but to another house; a much bigger house. Much of what we sold at the sale we could use.

I had a one day sale of paintings that proved to be successful, but I still have mountains of paintings to pack and move. I have been working in the studio for days and it will be several more days of packing to clear it enough to paint and clean the floor.

It will be worth all the work and stress once we are settled in our new, spacious, light-filled home.
Clearing the Studio

making piles in the living room.

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