Friday, October 13, 2017

When Is It Finished?

That's the big question for a lot of artists. "Am I finished?'

Months ago, I re-worked an encaustic painting , I don't remember what it had been, before, but obviously I wasn't happy with it. I worked and worked; day after day. There was so much wax on it that it was getting very heavy.

When we moved in June, I put this painting away, still not completely satisfied with it; put it in the stacks in my viewing room, and then pulled it out a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was NASTY! I asked my assistant to put it out in the sun and scrape all the encaustic wax off it.
The sun began its work. 
Before the melt down

The Sun begins the melting
Time to start scraping and there were small mountains of wax to be discarded

Next step; red encaustic. The stained board is lovely.
Continuing with oil and cold wax. I could have stopped here.
Getting Closer

I am stopping for now. Is it finished?