Monday, June 11, 2018

Visiting Artists' Studios

Our home gallery and studios have been a part of the art tours for over a year now. Below is an article about these fascinating visits that I wrote for the local paper.

Here are some of my paintings that were sold In the last tour:

Art Tours SMA
Ezshwan Winding

"As an artist, San Miguel de Allende called to me 14 years ago. Even then this magical town was a center of cultural activities and artists. The first night I arrived in my new home, I went to an art opening and someone told me, after discovering I was a painter, “You are in the right place!”  I have never doubted that.

San Miguel has become one of the most popular and celebrated art towns in all of Mexico with hundreds of working artists. Art is the spirit of the town.

This colonial jewel has been a destination for artists since the 1940’s and now it continues to be a magical magnet for artists, galleries and art lovers. Constantly evolving and increasingly sophisticated, it is a center of creativity and inspiration in all forms.

Inspiration is everywhere.

A strong and constantly evolving community of creative types is welcomed. You will find a haven for artists and aficionados from around the world.

San Miguel has developed into probably the most popular and the most famous of all art towns in Mexico with a growing list of art galleries and artists’ studios.

One of the best ways to understand the art community is to meet the artists personally. It isn’t always easy to gain access into a working artist’s studio. We work in solitude and aren’t always open to inviting visitors into our workspaces. Arturo

Aranda Esparza has the perfect solution. He created Art Tours SMA. Arturo has chosen some of the best-known artists in San Miguel that are using diverse mediums and brings you to their studios. For my part, I enjoy the tours because I get to meet people that I otherwise would not. I can discover a bit about my guests, offer refreshments, give a demonstration and explanation of my painting technique and offer a visit of the viewing room in my home gallery. Each artist on the tour will welcome you with a similar, but different experience. If you are interested in art, this tour is a must."

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