Tuesday, June 8, 2010

July workshops

The temperatures will be cooler in July and I am ready to have more workshops.
July 12 & 13 ,Introduction to encaustic. July 15 & 16, Advanced techniques.

July 26 & 27,Introduction to encaustic. July 29 & 30, Advanced techniques
Mondays and Tuesdays the introductory workshops give you all the information on making your own encaustic art. We will cover the basics of making and using the paint and heat sources. Demonstrations include: tools and techniques for fusing, layering and scraping/scribing, building up of texture, line and edge and collage.and more.

All you need to begin is enthusiasm, a willingness to play, experiment and let the process take you on an adventure.

The cost is $200 usd plus $25 materials fee, or the peso equivalent for each two day workshop. I provide all the materials and you can leave the workshop with four finished paintings and perhaps the excitement to continue to the advanced techniques workshop on Thursday and Friday.

The last two days, a Thursday and Friday ( we take Wednesday off ) we explore some advanced techniques and will focus on surfacing, embedding, transparencies, glazing and incising.

You can experiment with assemblage, casting, carving, and working 3-Dimensionally, monotype, image transfer, combining oil and encaustic and dipping. You will have another four finished paintings after the workshop.

It is necessary to have some experience in encaustic to utilize this advanced workshop.

Please contact me for more information: ezshwan@mac.com

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