Friday, October 22, 2010

Group show in Pozos, November 6, Now Revolution

This is going to be a wonderfully diverse show. Everyone artist works differently. 
Now Revolucion
By: Nick Hamblen

  What does the word revolution mean to you at this moment in time, in Mexico? This was the question that was posed to the five artists of the new Galeria6 show “Now Revolucion.” Speaking as the curator of seven years of shows at Galeria6 I can honestly say the collective answer to this question has resulted in one of the most diverse, exciting and poignant shows we’ve ever had the privileged of presenting.
   The work here, expressed in media that ranges from digital imagery, assemblage, photography, installation, collage, encaustic and abstract painting causes one to think and likely to smile while doing so...

Well-known master, encaustic painter Ezshwan Winding’s revolutionary work for this show is in her words “about the underbelly, the subculture, the seething passion that lies beneath an enchanting we know Mexico to be.” Winding says that during the process of creating her encaustic pieces the work evolved on it’s own from figurative to abstract.
   “I discovered that the first, underlying paintings, images, words, figures and bold, passionate brush strokes that I put on the board, rose to the surface, covered by increasing layers of encaustic paint. The more I focused the fire from the torch, the more of the energy of the under-painting oozed up to the light. I trusted that these energies were growing out of the dark, reaching and pushing toward the light of balance and the result was a revelation.”  Fans of Windings work, I feel certain, will be yet again amazed at her ability to go further into the depths of her talent and process.

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