Sunday, January 15, 2012

Opening of solo encaustic show

There were crowds of people who came to the opening of the show last night. I got the chance to explain the encaustic process to many who had never heard of it. Here's what the gallery owner wrote:

"Tonight the gallery One Hannah Jarmain Art had a great Opening!celebrating Ezshwan Winding with over one hundred guests who came to see 30 of her beautiful abstract in Encaustic.

Ezshwan the master of the wonderful and intriguing Encaustic Art would encourage you to feel and touch a painting. Not only to look but feel its sensual smooth curves and to look beyond the two dimensional exterior to discover an intriguing story in each.
- "One can endear and take home an art piece, to feel its Energy, to live with its Beauty and Harmony.  Undoubtedly you actually own art as valuable as a museum piece."

A couple of nights ago I saw on Museum Secrets, a plain black square hang in the Hemitage Museum, it painted by the Russian artist "Kazimir Malevich"in 1915- under Stalin horrible oppressive years. Stalin didn't like artists to teach people to think so abstract art was forbidden.
Stalin wanted Art to be easily understood and serve as political propaganda.
The complete black square was the artist Kazimir Malevich's way to protest against the Stalin 's oppression of artistic expression. Later it was sold for a million pounds at an Auction.

We had numerous friends old and new sharing our love of art tonight. All searching for one's own version of the black square by the amazing Ezshwan Winding..."