Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm not good at multi-tasking

I had intended that the month of February would allow me time to get back in the studio and start a new series, but that just didn't work! I decided to take a workshop for "those who already had a manuscript" - I had worked on my memoir for more than a year, and put it away over  5 years ago. This workshop came at a time when I was thinking about digging it out again and getting it in shape to self-publish. I hadn't really considered all the work that was ahead of me.

I am in this writing workshop with very serious writers and I find myself saying over and over, "I am not a writer. I am a painter": however if I am going to share my story, I do want to tell it well. It is a challenge for me and I realize that I can't get productive in the studio, continue giving my encaustic workshops and still concentrate on editing the manuscript.

It will be best, if I put the paintings back in the stacks and wait until I can give the possible new series all my attention.

I am taking 2 days off next week to experience  the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, nestled high in the mountains of Michoacán, Mexico. At an altitude above 10,000 feet,  the Monarchs take their winter rest in the sheltering forests of oyamel fir, pine, oak and madrone. They have completed one journey, and after hibernating through the winter months, they will begin another. Sometime in March, the Monarchs will begin their migration northward.

I will post photos.