Friday, March 9, 2012


The day before we traveled to see the butterflies,  we explored the town where we were staying, Tlalpujahilla. This pueblo is so differently than San Miguel, that I had the feeling that I was in a different county. The houses and the many trees give it a distinct feeling. This particular town is known for its blown glass ornaments. This is their main business. We visited the workshop to see the glass fruit and flowers being created. After the glass is cool, it is dipped in a silver solution; cooled and then dipped again in colored enamel. I bought a box of the glass fruit.

It was hard to choose which to buy
a still life of glass flowers and fruit

drying shelf
birthday cakes

photos of possible choices of cakes
Opps. I almost stepped on the resting turkeys

sloped roofs and different colors

The store that sells the glass ornaments

a beauty supply shop

re-painted and held together by duct tape, the shoe shine booth still provides shade