Sunday, March 25, 2012

Senor de la Columna

Last night the preparation for the procession of el Senor de la Columna began. The neighborhood was filled all night with people decorating this one street in San Miguel.The street is covered in grasses and camomile flowers

A unique statue of Jesus is carried by pilgrims that walk through the night from a church in another town. They reach San Miguel before dawn. Free coffee is passed out to the pilgrims.The fireworks started at 4:30 am. I considered getting up to witness the spectacle, but reached for my earplugs instead and went back to sleep.

I checked on the aftermath of the celebration after I returned from meditation this morning. By 8:15, the street sweepers had piled the grasses, flowers and palm in piles ready to be picked up by truck. The paper and plastic decorations that are strung across the street are left in place until they disintegrate.

This photo was taken by Trish Synder. She lives on the street. This is part of what a missed.
11:30 this morning, the street had been swept clean.

This is just the beginning of the observances of Santa Semana.