Sunday, July 1, 2012

Angel with his mother and father after the service
 I had the honor to be invited to Ángel's first communion. He is the son of my house keeper, Lupita.  Ángel has MS and was not expected to live this long. He is almost totally physically incapacitated, but his mind and creativity is outstanding. 98 children received their first communion in one of our many temples in San Miguel.

A couple of hours later, I attended the fiesta to honor Ángel. I experienced a warm, embracing welcome that will remain as a beautiful memory.

Still working on formatting my book for Kindle. It has been 2 weeks now. It is not easy.
Lupita and me

Ángel waiting for his mother to cut the cake.

The entrance to the fiesta was intimating. This aunt chose to inch her way down.

These couple of tables comprised about 1/3 of the family gathered.

A toast with candy

dishing out the jello drink to go with the cake

I was one of the early arrivals and when I asked about a baby in his mother's arms, she handed him to me - to share the love. He was 23 days old. In Mexico, newborns are not secluded, but passed around to be kissed and loved.