Saturday, November 3, 2012

I love San Miguel and Day of the Dead

A partial wall in the newly re-done children's play ground in Parque Jurez.
 Yesterday was the second of the "Day" of the Dead. This year it is a 4 day celebration. This is my 8th year experiencing this colorful celebration and it far surpasses anything I have seen before.

I strolled around town pretending that I was seeing San Miguel for the first time. I was thrilled by everything I saw and grateful that this really is my adopted home.

After dark I went back to the center to hear the earth harp.
It was new to me and very impressive. There were many of hundreds of people in the audience, including dozens of Katrinas in full makeup and fabulous costumes. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with with me.
I couldn't resist taking this shot of the most photographed street in San Miguel
Giant skulls decorated by local artists are placed around the city.

This is really creative

multidimensional installation

In town

color and music everywhere

Sound check in the park

In front of the main altar in the center

school children's addition

Every child was given a box and they filled it with something personal