Sunday, June 2, 2013

Encaustic sculpture - finished

I finished the self portrait for the show at the Encaustic Art Institute. "Nest Egg". It isn't a good likeness, since it is missing the wrinkles and lines on my face.

 I was asked if I used a mold, plaster or other things in building it. No. It is 100% encaustic. I started with a lump of warm wax - a result of lots of scraping from my students and myself, to mold some rough features. Then after cutting and refining with clay tools, I painted flesh tones from my figurative painting palette. ( See my book, Painting Portraits in Encaustic, available on Blurb) After a few days of work, I mounted the cool sculpture on a nest painting that I made last year. The eggs are encaustic also.