Saturday, July 27, 2013

Culture and style in Mexico City

I couldn't resist adding one more photo of these beautifully trained, tranquil dogs.
Book stores are alive and well in Mexico City. This one is different: bars, restaurants, art on all 3 floors.
No excuse for not keeping in shape with open air exercise machines, free to the public at Parque Mexio      

These will be the last posting of Mexico City for a while - at least until I go back again. I couldn't get these images in sequence today, but that is a bit like the city itself. It is loaded with sensory and visual stimulus.
A paining from an exhibition at Casa Lamm

Casa Lamm, across from our hotel. Before boarding the bus home, I stopped in to see the latest gallery shows
Art, books, music, food and drink at this place down the street from our hotel

Towering walls of books