Monday, July 29, 2013

Online encasutic painting workshops

examples of layering, drawing on white surface, and drawing with a hot pen

I have been a working artist for over 50 years and the last 13 years, I have been focusing on the encasutic technique I have a passion for this medium and finding new ways to include painting, drawing and and personal discoveries using encaustic wax. I have shown in galleries internationally. My artwork has been featured in four books about encaustic art, as well as writing Painting Portraits in Encaustic , (Blurb) The Power of Color and Fireworks at Dawn, An Artist's Memoir, (Amazon)

                           Advanced Encaustic Painting Workshops

I am creating workshop videos showing techniques to launch students into a solid understanding of encaustic painting. Join me, ( when they are completed) as I explain and demonstrate various advanced encaustic techniques in 9 classes.Right now, I am taping one class a day and will let you know when they will be available.

If you have already taken a workshop from me or another teacher, you will find, these videos will help you recall the techniques that I have mastered and shared in my popular encaustic painting workshops. For some students, who are not able to attend a workshop, the videos may be a replacement for a workshop and may help them to take their encaustic painting to a higher level.
                                                  Class 1

Although I have designed these video classes for artists who have some experience working in encaustic, if you are new to the medium, I will cover the making of the medium, paint, heat sources and supports and suggest supplies and tools to get you started and ready to participate.

In this class, I show my encaustic studio setup, and the beginning of a painting. Using thin coats of encaustic paint, pigment stick, ink and hot pen, we will layer translucent, luminous layers of medium over a white substrate, using our marks to create depth and active images. Learn how to smooth the surface and build layer after layer to create luminosity. Lastly, we will build raised lines with the encaustic pen to create more movement and contrast in texture.

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