Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are We Painting Who We Are And/Or Our Desires?

This morning I received an email about Feng Shui. The art or science of placement in and around our homes. I have studied it a bit through the years and much of it seems to be instinctual for me. It is similar to composition in a painting. The flow in a home or office should be balanced with no energy blockages.  That is a very brief explanation of Feng Shui.

I have felt for years that we paint who we are. I for one am a very organized, no-frills person. I like to to wear tailored clothes, and can't stand clutter in my home. (Now, I can't say the same for my studio when I am working on several paintings at once.) Even when I was a child, I didn't want to wear anything with ruffles or puffed sleeve's. I do like soft fabrics, textures in clothes and color. My paintings are not subtle. I see them as anything but playful or mysterious. It is not that I don't appreciate that in others' paintings. That is just not who I am.

Back to this mornings email. The invitation was to join Marie Diamond's online a Feng Shui classes.
Marie Diamond is one of the ffeatured teachers in The Secret DVD and in The Secret book.
She related a story of a famous film producer who couldn't get a date. Ms. Diamond noticed that in every corner he had this beautiful image of a naked woman draped with a fabric, kind of turning away as if she were saying, "I don't see you."
She said to him, "I think you might have trouble in your romance."
And he said, "Are you clairvoyant?"
"No, but look. In seven places, you have exactly that same woman."
He said, "But I love that kind of painting. I painted it myself."
Shes aid, "That's even worse, because you put all your creation and creativity in it."
She asked him, "What do you want?"
"I want to date three women a week."
I said, "Okay, paint it. Paint yourself with three women, and hang it in every corner of your living space."
Six months later she saw him and and after he made the self portraits with 3 women he couldn't keep the women away.
This story made me think. "Am I painting what I want in my life?' Looking around at my new series, I thought I sure am! I meditate everyday - twice a day. Going deep into the consciousness of Spirit is the most important thing in my life. I am enjoying this last chapter of my life and choose to spend more and more time in solitude.
What are you painting?