Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This is like being at Grandma's house!

I had 3 of the most delightful people in my workshop Monday and Tuesday. I had planned an advanced technique class, and then at the last minute, after I had gathered all the materials, the class became an introductory one. Since there were only 3 people, everyone got what was almost a private class and by the second day, they had experimented with several techniques beyond the intro level. Gary, a photographer, exclaimed, "This is like being at Grandma's!" You have everything we want just for the asking. I loved his comment and told him I would share it.

We joked a bit about being with Grandma (me) and Flora said, "No you are more like a mother, very caring, thoughtful and directly to the point. I have spent a lot of money since I have been in San Miguel, but this class was the most worthwhile." I said, "I have considered stopping teaching", and she said "You must never stop teaching. You have too much to share." My heart was filled to over flowing.
An encaustic demo