Friday, May 30, 2014

carved encasutic

My daughter, Cynthia and I will be moving to a much bigger house, a bit outside of town, in a couple of weeks. My studio will be more than twice the size I have now with cross ventilation and lots of light.

I walk into my existing studio, and wonder where to begin the packing. So much to organize and walls to scrape and paint. Not only my students have splashed encaustic on the walls and floors, I have bumped  a couple of cans of hot wax off the palette also. Then there are the stacks for my paintings that will have be the first thing in the new house. Moving paintings will be the most time consuming job.

Naturally, I won't have time to make new work before the move, so here are a couple of images of a carved encaustic portrait I did last year. It is all encaustic, no plaster. It is now in the Encaustic  Art Institute in New Mexico.