Friday, January 2, 2015

My show is up

My part of the show is hung. The gallery is wonderful. Right in the center of town. It is very old, and I find it charming. We had crowds of people in the gallery yesterday, I think people like to see a work in progress. One young Mexican woman found price errors on a couple of tags. I did not have enough zeros for the peso exchange. The dollar is so high right now that the peso price looks huge.

Cynthia has many small pieces for her room. She had 2 men working most of the day yesterday getting nails into the ancient walls; so today she can hang her work.

Here are some shots of my placement.
contemporary encasutic on very old walls

I love the arches and try to visualize what this building looked like 400 years ago

setting up in Cynthia's room

view from the front door

first room - still needs some lighting changes

This series is "Into the Silence, oil and encasutic"

encasutic/ mixed media with tranfers