Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Figurative or Abstract Art?

I hope to hear your opinion about the your choice in art. Are you more drawn to abstract ( really a misnomer, because most of the art I see labeled as such is really non-objective) or figurative images?

I have been participating in a Face Book challenge to post 3 images a day for 5 days. The "abstract"art received many likes and comments and the figurative, almost nothing; yet in our recent gallery show, more of my figurative works sold than the abstract. It is curious. It won't influence my moving back and forth from each style. Beautiful figurative art stops me in my tracks and I also enjoy an abstract that has meaning; a message for me.

Here are some images of paintings that span many years; some recent and some old. All are either entirely encaustic or encaustic and oil.

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