Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Don't Teach Art Anymore

I don't teach art anymore. Well, that is almost true. I have taught children and adults in years gone by and portrait painting in Southern Oregon University, but I stopped because I found that I was giving directions on how to paint like I paint.

Now, I give encaustic workshops and my 91st class is coming up March 12 & 13th.  I teach the technique. Not how to paint like me. I want each person to express their own artistic voice. I can share almost very technique possible in hot wax painting. I had a show of encaustic artists several years ago in my studio and asked students to bring in a few pieces of art that they created in one of my classes. Viewers were amazed that no 2 artists work was the same, although they all used the same medium and had the same teacher.

I finished a private one day class yesterday in advanced techniques. My student is a graphic designer who has worked with encaustic for years, has taken classes with another teacher here in San Miguel, and she wanted to learn everything that she could that she could use to further her art. By the end of the day, she said she learned more than she could have imagined and was excited to take what she learned into her own studio. We covered, creating glass-like surfaces, embedding, oil glazes, India ink mark marking, using burnt shellac, transfers, incised lines, raised lines using the hot pen. She was tired after our day together, but delighted to have covered so much.
here is the first piece Lori worked on

Here is Lori working on her second piece - a totally different approach 

I also have online classes in advanced encaustic techniques. There are 12 classes that can be watched over and over.

The closest thing to teaching art are my online classes , Painting and Drawing Faces in 10 different techniques:

Oh, I have also written a book on Painting Portraits in Encaustic.

But I really don't teach anymore....

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