Monday, March 9, 2015

I Want To Paint Your Portrait, Send Me Your Photo

Here are some faces I made using different techniques. These classes are available online
Abstracts are wonderful and I enjoy making them, but when I see beautifully executed figurative painting, they take my breath away. I have been drawing faces and people since I was in 5th grade and have never lost the fascination with the stories that faces can tell.

I love painting and drawing faces and want new models. I am offering to draw or paint your portrait for FREE. I will interpret your face in what ever medium that I feel is appropriate. I hope to stretch my painting technique by loosening my brush strokes, adding more abstracted shapes and colors and studying faces that are new to me.

After I have created 50 to 100 faces, I will publish a book with all of the portraits included.

Send me a clear photo of yourself. No babies or pets, please. email me at
I've posted some sample of different faces I have made over the past couple of years.

encaustic on board

encaustic on board

oil on board

encaustic on paper

oil, encaustic and trasfers

ink wash
finished painting, oil on canvas        

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