Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My First Mexican Posada

Our Joseph and Mary
For years, I have watched children go to door to door reenacting  the scene of Mary and Joseph looking for shelter and being turned away.

Last night my daughter and I were included in an authentic posada with ponche (a hot drink made with dried fruit and sugar cane - and this one had a hefty dose of brandy.) We sang the songs, while the chosen couple played the part of Mary and Joseph. We held the candles, threw the lit sparkles ( to bring lots of light into the next year) and took turns at attempting to smash the piñta ( the devil)

A dinner followed and of course tequila and Mescal, not to be mixed. One or the other.


The beautiful table setting
The piñata before the attack
My first ponce
Rally for dessert and the tequilla