Wednesday, May 25, 2016

San Diego and Scottsdale, and Sedona

My middle daughter, Renee, drove from Scottsdale to Encinitas, to pick me up at the end of stay at the retreat. We stayed in Del Mar, continuing to enjoy the ocean views.

The second day to went to Balboa Park. It was the first time we had visited this incredible place. Usually in cities, I head for galleries or art museums, so I had missed this experience.
Renee in front of the orchid building

More orchids than I have ever seen in one place.

Renee and I did not run out the things to talk about the next day on the 6 hours drive to Arizona.

First evening in Scottsdale. Valarie, my first born, whom I had not seen in 4 years flew in from San Francisco. Joy, joy

Renee and my son-in-law, Maka ala, He brews his own organic beer

Our trip to Sedona

Enjoying the view, the breeze and an iced coffee

Valarie enjoying a quiet time on our hike

A break before heading back to the heat of Scottsdale

Valarie, cooling her feet

It had been years since I been in Sedona and it was a wonderful day with my Stateside family

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