Saturday, May 21, 2016

No Painting, but Instead, an Adventure

I traveled to California, leaving May 1 with a toothache, but since it had happened before and was taken care of with a water pick, I didn't cancel my plans.

Arriving at the Mexico City airport, the right side of my face was swollen and the pain was intense. By the time I arrived at the hotel in San Diego I was shaking with chills.

I contacted my daughters and told them what was happening. My oldest daughter Valarie, rushed into action by finding a dentist who could see me in the morning and arranged a car to pick me up and get me to my emergency appointment.
I tried to smile, but only one side of my face moved.

That morning was challenging. By the time I arrived at the Self Realization Fellowship retreat, I was armed with pain pills and antibiotics. I fell into bed and by the next day I could be physically present, and the healing began.

The silent retreat in Encinitas California was beautiful and peaceful. Most of my 6 days there were spent in meditation and introspection. After a couple of days, my face looked normal and I was pain free.

The meditation gardens are a haven of peace and beauty

The public is welcome during most days

There are many different species of plants

Even the Koi seem happy

I spent hours watching the waves and feeling gratitude that I was there

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