Sunday, March 19, 2017

My New Passion, Oil and Cold Wax

I worked with cold wax many years ago, then stopped and forgot about it. Last year I was contacted by Jerry McLauglin, who with Rebecca Colwell was compiling  a new book, Cold Wax Medium, Technique, Concepts and Conversations. I was asked to contribute some images of figurative paintings done in cold wax. Thanks to this, I have rediscovered the ease and fun of painting with cold wax and oil.

I haven't made any more figurative work in cold wax. Everything so far has been abstract. Here is the latest and the process of my 80 x 100 cm painting on cradled board, "Fiesta"
Now I have 3 palettes going in my studio; oil paint, encaustic, and cold wax and oil.
under paintng

first of several layers


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