Monday, March 6, 2017

Destroy and Create

I started this painting weeks ago. It was been quite a journey.
It had many lives. It started out as an oil painting that I was happy about and I continued covering it with encaustic wax. It changed everyday. Finally I was satisfied, only to over fuse it with a gas torch and ruin the composition. Layer after layer of encaustic (hot bees wax and tree resin) built up, still not creating what I wanted. Finally, I once again took the torch to it causing it to drip and run. I liked that look and enhanced it with more touches or red, blue and finally darkening the bottom to add weight to the composition. I felt I had rescued the painting.The title is Rescued Memories
Here is where it started. Oil under painting

Next step; adding encaustic

Still adding wax

Getting geometric. Not what I envisioned

Really geometric

The final day. I am finished