Monday, January 8, 2018

Like Magic

I had a wonderful 10 day tour of the state of Veracruz before Christmas and took many pictures.
We traveled almost the whole state and experienced different places and energies.
When I got home, I attempted to download the photos to my laptop, but it didn't happen. I tried every tip and trick I could think off, but nothing. Then yesterday, they appeared! I am not a computer geek and I am just trusting that some magic genie removed the obstacle.

My most outstanding adventure was visiting the island in Catemaco at the Reserva Ecologica de Naciyaga. Here witches meet annually for cleansing, and many are living here permanently. I choose to call them healers rather than witches, but make up your own mind. One can have a spa experience with mineral mud or get a shamanic style spiritual cleansing. Ceremonies are conducted, using much of the Olmec or Toltec traditions wedding. 

The 1992 movie, Medicine Man with Sean Connery was filmed there.
This stone god has the traces of black around his mouth, because after a person is cleansed physically and spiritually, this god eats all that has been removed.

This circle is were ceremonies and weddings are held. The church holds no influence here.

The pure mineral water was served to us in a real disposable cup

The on-duty shaman, offering cleansings and magical potions to aid in all aspects of life

The sister triplets. I forgot their significance, but notice the black around the mouth.
The sweat lodge

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